about me

As an Evolutionary economist I consider the economic phenomena we observe as the result of the internal dynamics of economic systems interacting with their environment.

Evolutionary economics  studies the aggregate results of decisions taken by a mass of differentiated agents in uncertain contexts.

I am interested in technological innovations, structural changes, environmental changes, social unrest due to economic conditions, evolution of politics.


My preferred tool of research is the use of agent-based models.

I build computer programs representing virtual markets, firms, consumers, governments, etc.

Executing a large number of simulation runs, comparing results after different conditions and analysing the data I can answer questions that would be impossible to consider otherwise.


For more than 20 years I have been developing a software platform, a sort of simplified programming language, specifically designed to implement agent-based simulation models.

The platform, free to use and modify, is called Laboratory for Simulation Development - LSD

See here for details: www.labsimdev.org

Concerned citizen

As a baby boomer I have been raised under the assumption that the world was constantly improving, providing better living conditions to the population.

On the contrary, I fear we are going backward, forgetting the crucial lessons we learnt at the cost of millions of lives and suffering.

Having more or less secured my professional life I started to be involved in the policy of my university and research. I have spent a term as an elected representative to the National University Council. I am affiliated to the Rete29Aprile, and association of progressive researchers.

I am also trying to provide my contribution in politics as an activist for the most recent political force in Italy, the 5 Star Movement. I have been a candidate (not elected) and advisor to the Ministry of Research and Education.