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Working papers (selection)

  • BABUTSIDZE, Z. and VALENTE, M., 2017, "A Trick of the Tail: The Role of Social Network in Experience-good Market Dynamics", submitted to Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
  • VALENTE, M., 2017, "Knowledge as Explanations", SSRN, doi:10.2139/SSRN.2918920.
  • M.VALENTE, "When the Brightest are Not the Best", LEM wp, PISA 2015/13
  • G.DOSI, L. MARENGO, E. PARASKEVOPUOLOU, M.VALENTE, "A model of cognitive and operational memory of organizations in changing worlds", LEM PISA 2015/1.
  • T. CIARLI, A. LORENTZ, M. SAVONA, M. VALENTE, "The Role of Technology, Organisation and Demand in Growth and Income Distribution'" LEM working papers 2012/06, Pisa 2012.
  • K. FRENKEN, G. SILVERBERG, and M. VALENTE, "A percolation model of the product life cycle", UNU-MERIT working papers series, 2008-073, Maastricht 2008.
  • M. VALENTE, "Laboratory for Simulation Development - LSD", LEM working papers 2008/12, Pisa 2008.
  • T. CIARLI,  M. VALENTE, "Production Structure and Economic Fluctuations" LEM working papers 2007/02, Pisa 2007.



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